Here you'll find a list our friends, all guaranteed to be hand-picked by the best (that's us) for the best (now that's you).
Moreover, we have some hints on how to best use these sites if you want to achieve the best payouts.
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If you register on these sites with a new wallet address (one address is enough for all, and registering once is also enough), using the links below, we'll get some satoshi too which will help us to increase the rewards. So, it's worth it!
OK, enough chit-chat, here they go:

Stand-alone sites

Each one is independent of the other ones and each is also different from the other ones so please read carefully to maximize your payouts.

On average you win around 330 satoshi per hour (you can make that 410 satoshi if you use the link above to register a new bitcoin address), you also have 1 in 10000 chance of winning 0.3 BTC (or rather 200 USD converted into bitcoin).
You can also multiply the winnings but the odds are not that good so we don't recommend that option (you'll lose on average). What we do recommend though is betting 1 satoshi with jackpot on if only jackpot is getting around 20,000 satoshi or bigger. This will usually cost you few satoshi but you can win big and, more importantly, you win on average.
Paid weekly if only you manage to get more than 5,500 satoshi which is pretty easy if you don't use multiplying option.
You can also check its sister faucet free doge where you get the same but in Doge.

Bitcoin Zebra
On average you win 260 satoshi per hour, you can make it 300 satoshi if you follow the advice below.
It should be obligatory to use the multiplier at Zebra's place as you cannot lose there. The best odds are if you use single dice as then you will get a third of your free satoshi on average. If you feel lucky you can try three or maybe even five dice, though the latter is a bit like a lottery.
Also paid weekly if you get over 5,500 satoshi which again is pretty easy.

Moon Bitcoin
Quite a funny site which lets you decide how much you want to withdraw, with some limits obviously. The more often you withdraw, the more you get. If you are really idle and checkout every 5 minutes, you can get to almost 600 satoshi per hour.
But the best news is that it also grows your payout while you sleep — you don't even have to leave the page on — so after being away for 10 hours you still get over 600 satoshi at once, just for coming back.
Used to be MicroWallet-based but now it's supposed to be paid weekly. We'll see how it goes.

9 bitz
On average you win around 240 satoshi per hour, up to 0.01 BTC (1 million satoshi).
I'm in two minds there: on one hand it's still over the average as far as most hourly faucets go, on the other hand I'm not sure the game is fair (I only got two nines once but played quite a lot). And I really don't like their ads, they are often ugly and sometimes intrusive. But I still use it from time to time so you can give it a try, too.
Paid weekly but you need to collect 15,000 satoshi. Most likely this will take two weeks.


Not a faucet but a mining pool with pretty good prices for mining power (aka GigaHashes or GHS).
What you can do there is:

  1. create account at CEX.IO,
  2. use the "Fund BTC Account" address in all the recomended faucets,
  3. buy some GHS at current prices whenever a payout reaches CEX.IO,
  4. but some more GHS with mining payouts every few days.
After a month or two you should get some extra satoshi this way. Month or two as withdrawal starts with 1,000,000 satoshi which is the biggest drawback of this scheme.

MicroWallet sites

MicroWallet sites pay into your MicroWallet account, so the same as us. So it means you can withdraw your money just that bit quicker. Below you'll find a selection of the faucets giving the best average payouts:

  • 777 (or 77) satoshi at BTC Mountain — every 3.5 hours, a brand new faucet so give'em a go,
  • 300 satoshi at Bitcoinker — or 100-600 satoshi and every 15 minutes!
  • around 250 satoshi at Scratch4Satoshis — 200 satoshi per hour guaranteed, with a chance of winning up to 10,000 satoshi,
  • 200 satoshi at Daily Free Bits — to be precise it's between 100 and 1200 satoshi every hour,
  • 150-500 satoshi at Treasure Faucet — every hour,
  • 175 satoshi at RTube — every hour,
  • 175 satoshi at Bitcoin Sheep — every hour
  • 150 satoshi at Crypto Blox — or rather 100-500 satoshi every hour,
  • 135 satoshi at Crypto_Faucet — every hour, just like that,
  • 100 satoshi at Coin Giveaway — every hour.

FaucetBOX sites

FaucetBOX sites pay into your FaucetBOX account, so a bit similar like MicroWallet but with a separate wallet. Please have a look at these faucets:

  • 750 satoshi at BitcoinPuddle — every 4 hours, a brand new faucet,
  • 15 dogecoin at its sister DogecoinPuddle — again every 4 hours at a brand new faucet,
  • 50-5000 satoshi at Cryptbond — every 3 hours,
  • 100 satoshi at BTCKiller — with a chance for more, but every minute.

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