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You can claim your free satoshi once an hour.

The basic payout schedule is quite simple:

  • 1st visit - 1 satoshi
  • 2nd visit - 2 satoshi
  • 3rd visit - 3 satoshi
  • 4th visit - 4 satoshi
  • and so on up to 40 satoshi for 40th visit and all the futher ones.

Regular (returning) users have it way better:

  • x2 multiplier after at least 3 days in a row,
  • x3 multiplier after at least 7 days in a row,
  • x4 multiplier after at least 14 days in a row,
  • a whopping x5 multiplier after at least 30 days in a row.

We use CET/CEST to define what is a day. So as long as you have one visit for each CET/CEST day, you're treated as a returning user.

Additionally early adopters have it better as the limit is set to:

  • 80 satoshi for the first 100 users,
  • 60 satoshi for the first 1000 users,
  • 50 satoshi for the first 10 thousand users.

So, if you are a regular user you can earn up to 2000 satoshi a day. If you are also an early adopter you can earn twice more as you get 400 satoshi for your every visit.

This is a provisional payment schedule based on our assumptions on how effective ads and referrals displayed on this faucet will be.
Should they be more effective than we think, we'll increase the prizes. Should they be less effective we'll do our utmost not to decrease the prizes but most likely increase the minimum time between claims.

More bonuses
There are also more bonuses planned like a jackpot or an on-demand multiplier.
These will be reviewed and finalised once the faucet is at least few weeks old and we know how the ads are performing. Thank you for understanding.

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